Lok Sabha Q & A

Of late asbestos and asbestos-based products have been generating lot of interest in the society. Certain NGOs, activists and various competitive interests both in the country and abroad have been campaigning against asbestos without caring to look at the truth and current facts.
There are several scientific studies concerning asbestos usage, its effects on health and the environment. These studies have generally come to the conclusion that use of asbestos (Chrysotile variety) in the manufacture of Asbestos-based products under controlled conditions is entirely safe for human health and environment. Likewise, studies have concluded that people residing under asbestos cement roofs are not subjected to any health risks. It is quite safe if asbestos products are processed and manufactured under controlled conditions. These studies have similarly arrived at same conclusions about usage of its products.
On these issues, questions are asked in Parliament in every session seeking answers from various Ministries/Departments. The Asbestos Cement Products Manufacturers’ Association has compiled these questions which have been asked by MPs and their replies as given by the concerned Ministries in the form of a booklet. The booklet covers the period from year 2000 to 2009.
We hope this booklet will be helpful in understanding the current thinking and policies of the Government of India on asbestos and related issues.
New Delhi ACPMA

February 2010
[To read more please download the “pdf” file.]